Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Online tutorial for professional examination launched

Online tutorial for professional examination launched

Thiruvananthapuram: With the entrance exams for professional courses just a few months away, Technopark-based Oztern Technology has developed an online tutorial for students appearing for engineering and medical exams.

For it has joined hands with one of the most sought-after educational training institutes, that of P.C.Thomas. The tutorial would be made available through all the 2200 state-run Akshaya IT centres.

Saiju V. Stella, CEO of Oztern said, "Now, students have the added convenience of visiting their nearest Akshaya center to practice or purchase this valuable P. C.Thomas Online Crash Course Entrance course.

"Students can also purchase a subscription for this crash course from www.EntranceWisdom.com. This comes for Rs.1,500 and provides 25 modelexaminations for each subject that cover the entire syllabus and 50 chapter-wise model examinations, each of which can be attempted 25 times," said Stella.

There are around 40,000 seats in the professional colleges in the state and this time, more than 100,000 students have already registered to take the entrance examination in April.

"Students who take this online tutorial are provided detailed reports at the end of each examination on their performance, highlighting the students' strengths and the areas that need attention. This helps the students identify the time taking areas and help them sharpen their skills in these topics," said Stella. IANS


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